Bachmann Slams House Democrats For Preserving ACORN's Role In TARP II

From the video: “I read a report that Attorney General Eric Holder was indicating that it was unconstitutional for Congress to defund ACORN which seems laughable on its face because the founders gave Congress the right to create the laws that we lived under. If we can create laws we can certainly take away laws and if we create funding we can certainty take away funding.”

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) slammed the House democrats for allowing the corrupt ACORN organization to participate in the Consumer Financial Protection Agency’s Oversight Board.
From Her Congressional website:

Bachmann: House Preserves ACORN’s Role in TARP II
Washington, D.C., Dec 10 –

(Washington, D.C.) U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (MN-06), member of the House Financial Services Committee, made the following statement after the Democrat Leadership denied the entire House an opportunity to vote on her amendment to prevent ACORN from participating in the Consumer Financial Protection Agency’s Oversight Board. The Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) is an expansive new government bureaucracy with far-reaching powers to make decisions for consumers about the kinds of mortgages, small business loans, and other financial products they may access. The Oversight Board will be tasked with advising the Agency’s director on strategies and policies.

“An organization that has repeatedly shown an inability to adhere to even the most basic standards of ethics should not have a role in overseeing our nation’s financial system,” said Bachmann. “By rejecting consideration of my amendment, the Democrat Majority protected ACORN instead of American taxpayers and investors.”

In recent months, the IRS, U.S. Census Bureau, and Congress have taken numerous actions to sever ties with ACORN. In fact, less than two months ago, the House Financial Services Committee accepted another amendment offered by Bachmann that would prevent ACORN from serving on a similar board established in the exact same bill under consideration this week.

“There is a clear consensus amongst the American people that ACORN is unfit to receive federal funds and partner with federal organizations. The Democrat Leadership’s decision today robs Congress from having the opportunity to take an up-or-down vote on my amendment and keep ACORN out of our financial markets,” said Bachmann.

Meanwhile… The left celebrated that ACORN is once again back in the game for them.

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