Andrew Breitbart & Hannity Call On Radical Safe Schools Czar to Help Abused Christian Girl in New Jersey (Video)

Andrew Breitbart and Sean Hannity wonder if Barack Obama’s radical Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings can help the young girl in New Jersey who was told this week not to read her Bible during free time.

Andrew Breitbart called out to the radical anti-Christian Safe Schools Czar to help this poor abused Christian girl in New Jersey:

Andrew Breitbart: “I grew up Jewish. I was bar mitzvahed. And I went to a private school and we did the Our Father Who Art in Heaven and my parents didn’t feel it was a burden on our family. I felt it was a great thing. But, then again, there’s nothing that the Obama Safe Schools Czar can’t come and fix right now. With Kevin Jennings with his understanding in how to bring…

Sean Hannity: You’re talking about one of my favorite topics Kevin Jennings.

Andrew Breitbart: You know what, the juxtaposition of these two stories; that the mainstream media won’t cover the Obama Safe Schools Czar wants to teach radical sexual education to K-12 grade children and to find out that simultaneously that kids are having trouble who would like to in private time read Judeo Christian values , that tells you everything you need to know.

Well said.
Now if this young girl in New Jersey was wanting to look at GLSEN sex books in class then Jennings would no doubt be all over it.
But, since it was a Christian Bible she’s out of luck.

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