5,000 Greet Sarah Palin at University of the Ozarks + Latest Bogus Palin Scandal

Thousands of fans waited in line to hear Sarah Palin in southern Missouri.
Several women spoke about their support for Sarah in this terrific video:

Her parents Chuck and Sally Heath joined her at the book signing. Sarah Palin will be in Arkansas tomorrow.

Tonight, over 5,000 Missourians packed the University of the Ozarks gymnasium to hear Sarah Palin speak.
The News Leader reported:

Palin told an estimated crowd of 5,000 packed in Keeter Gymnasium at College of the Ozarks that despite her resignation, she is moving on “in the battle with new strategy.”

Or as her father, Chuck Heath, put it: “He said after my resignation speech, ‘Ah, she’s not retreating, she’s reloading.’ ” A self-described “hockey mom” of five, Palin is an avid hunter.

Palin was the keynote speaker tonight during a convocation that honored World War II veterans and others connected to the private college with “Great American” awards. Palin was the inaugural recipient of the award for her contributions to promoting patriotism, said College of the Ozarks President Jerry Davis.

Silver Dollar City co-owner Sharon “Sherry” Herschend, an alumna of the school, was among seven people who received a Great American Award from the college. The military veterans participated in a program where they visited battlefields with students to teach the young people about sacrifices their elders made, Davis said.

As part of Palin’s speaking contract, College of the Ozarks sought to ban reporters from covering the speech. But the News-Leader and other local media outlets obtained free tickets and sent reporters to cover the speech from the bleachers.

This afternoon Sarah Palin spent 3 hours signing her book at a Borders in Springfield.


UPDATE: The state-run media is reporting tonight that Sarah Palin will not allow foreign reporters at her book signing event. Not true. This was a rumor started by Mall of America officials in Minnesota. The Palin camp never issued the statement. (See video above)

UPDATE: James Botts sent this video of Sarah Palin arriving in southern Missouri this morning:

UPDATE: The state-run media is not admitting that their “English only” reports were bogus.

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