White House Party Crashers Met With Obama Too

Figures… The White House party crashers met with Obama:
party crashers obama
The Virginia couple who crashed a presidential dinner met President Barack Obama in the receiving line, the White House said Friday, as a “deeply concerned and embarrassed” Secret Service acknowledged its officers failed to check whether the couple was on the guest list.
They also posed with Joe Biden and Katie Couric and posted their photos on Facebook.

More from Larwyn…
On FNC’s CAVUTO today:
There’s a DATABASE named ‘WAVE” for identifying cleared visitors or future visitors to the WH. This is a longstanding database and not just an EVENT GUEST LIST. The Sahalis WERE NOT IN the WAVE DATABASE nor on the GUEST LIST.

This is the database which holds all the background checks on those who may be visitors to the WH. What are the odds that that background check includes the mundane CREDIT CHECK? See Jammie’s Harsh ‘Reality’ for White House Party Crashers.

Will we find out who was on the door with the Secret Service Agent, the WH Social Secretary’s staff person checking the GUEST LIST and OKing the admittance of arrivals?

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