HATE CRIMES Against Muslims Continue to Decline– More Hate Crimes Against Christians

You certainly won’t hear this from the America-bashing state-run media–
Hate crimes against Muslims in the United States continue to drop since 9-11.

IBDeditorials.com released this chart on US hate crimes back in 2007, via Michelle Malkin:


The number of hate crimes against Muslims have significantly decreased since 9-11 from nearly 500 a year to 115 a year.


US hate crimes in 2007:
2007 hate crimes
There were 115 hate crime incidents against Muslims in 2007 (the latest data available).

This is down from the 2006 numbers by nearly one-third. There were more recorded hate crimes against Christians than against Muslims in 2007.

US hate crimes in 2006:
2006 hate crimes
There were 156 anti-Islamic incidents recorded in 2006.

Anti-Jewish hate crimes continue to lead the category. There were 969 recorded hate crimes against Jews in 2007.

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