"Truth Czar" Joe Wilson Slams Rep. Grayson's Sexist & Offensive Remarks (Audio)

truth czar
Truth Czar” Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) held a blogger conference call today to discuss the elections and the planned democratic takeover of the health care industry. During the call I had the opportunity to ask the good Congressman what he thought of Alan Grayson’s outlandish, sexist and offensive remarks about Republicans and women.

Question: Congressman, this is Jim Hoft in St. Louis, Missouri, Gateway Pundit Blog. I had a quick question for you. I’m wondering if you have any comments on the recent remarks by Congressman Alan Grayson?

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) : Well I really don’t. I think Congressman Grayson truly speaks for himself and people will monitor and listen to what he says. I think it speaks for itself. I believe many of his comments are truly outrageous, insulting, and unlike the particular comment I made, my own son said to me, “Dad, I know what you did it was your town hall moment.” On the other hand, the outrageous statements, the inappropriate statements actually are storyboards. And, so they were actually thought out. And, so I would say there is a difference between a town hall moment and premeditated is that. It’s premeditated.

Here’s the audio from the conference call with Rep. Joe Wilson.
The call starts at the 6 minute mark. The question about buffoon Grayson is at around 10 minutes.

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