That's Weird?… NY Times Now Thinks Commies Are Bad, or Something

That private meeting at the White House with far left propagandists already paid off for Barack Obama.

Obama-lackey Frank Rich hit the keyboard immediately after the pep rally and released this hit piece on conservatives today comparing them to communist mass murderer Joseph Stalin.
From today’s New York Times:

The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York

BARACK OBAMA’S most devilish political move since the 2008 campaign was to appoint a Republican congressman from upstate New York as secretary of the Army. This week’s election to fill that vacant seat has set off nothing less than a riotous and bloody national G.O.P. civil war. No matter what the results in that race on Tuesday, the Republicans are the sure losers. This could be a gift that keeps on giving to the Democrats through 2010, and perhaps beyond.

The governors’ races in New Jersey and Virginia were once billed as the marquee events of Election Day 2009 — a referendum on the Obama presidency and a possible Republican “comeback.” But preposterous as it sounds, the real action migrated to New York’s 23rd, a rural Congressional district abutting Canada. That this pastoral setting could become a G.O.P. killing field, attracting an all-star cast of combatants led by Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, William Kristol and Newt Gingrich, is a premise out of a Depression-era screwball comedy. But such farces have become the norm for the conservative movement — whether the participants are dressing up in full “tea party” drag or not.

Of course, Rich drops the “teabagger” line later in his post as well, as if he doesn’t know its a nasty slang word for a sex act.


But, as Ed Driscoll noted, Rich’s attack is a bit confusing considering it comes from the NY Times. After all, the ‘paper of record’ published 13 glowing reports on Joseph Stalin’s wonderful achievements in the 1930’s as millions of Ukrainians starved to death.

But a paradox emerges: does Rich consider “Stalinist” a good or a bad thing? From Duranty copping a Pulitzer by shilling for Uncle Joe himself, to Pinch Sulzberger backing the NVA because “It’s the other guy’s country” to, just last month, Thomas Friedman pining for Communist China, it’s certainly hard to tell.

(And of course, while Scozzafava’s views were certainly to the left of mainstream Republicanism, it seems a bit unfair for Rich to call her a Stalinist…)

Is the NY Times suddenly making a stand against socialism?… With Barack Obama in the White House?

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