Team Obama Retreats- Will Back Honduran Elections

honduran flag
Good News– The Obama Administration said today that they will recognize the winner of this month’s national elections in Honduras.
Previously, Team Obama said they would not support the democratic elections in Honduras if the leftist Chavez-lackey Manuel Zelaya was not reinstated as president.
The AFP reported:

A top US envoy said Wednesday that Honduran elections were key to resolving the crisis set off by the June 28 coup, despite the rejection of the polls by ousted leader Manuel Zelaya.

“The elections are an important part of the solution in order to advance,” said US deputy assistant secretary for the Western Hemisphere Craig Kelly, in comments to journalists 11 days before the presidential polls.

Zelaya, who has been holed up in the Brazilian embassy since his surprise return home on September 21, has called on his supporters to boycott the polls after the latest crisis deal failed to return him to office beforehand.


Top regional powers Brazil and Argentina underlined Wednesday that they will not recognize the results if Zelaya is not first restored to power.

Kelly was in Honduras in the latest bid to revive a US-brokered deal to end the crisis, which has thrown the Central American nation into deeper poverty and polarization.

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