Shocker. Obama Slams Bush & America in Japan

It just wouldn’t be the same if Obama went abroad without trashing Bush or America…
President Obama took the time to trash former President Bush and America during his visit to Japan.
The Politico reported:

In a slap at President George W. Bush, Obama spoke of the importance of “multilateral organizations [that] can advance the security and prosperity of this region.”

I know that the United States has been disengaged from these organizations in recent years. So let me be clear: those days have passed,” Obama said during the first major address of a four-country Far East swing, which will continue from Japan to Singapore, China and South Korea. “As an Asia Pacific nation, the United States expects to be involved in the discussions that shape the future of this region, and to participate fully in appropriate organizations as they are established and evolve,” Obama said.

What exactly is Obama talking about?

Funny… For being so “disengaged” on Asian affairs the Japanese sure seemed happy to see Bush throw out the first pitch at a Japanese baseball game this month.
bush japan
Former Pres. George Bush throws out the ceremonial 1st pitch at start of Game 3 of the Japan Series baseball in Tokyo, 03 Nov 2009 (VOA)

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