Senate's Nationalized Health Care Legislation Omits Language to Ban Abortion Funding

The US Senate released their $849 billion nationalized health care plan tonight.
Harry Reid told reporters that the democratic bill will cover millions of Americans and not cost the country a dime more.
The bill does not contain language like the House Bill that would ban abortion funding.
Life News reported:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has released the text of his new government-run health care bill to members of the Democratic Party. The new measure reportedly does not contain the Stupak amendment found in the House version that bans virtually all abortion funding.

The text of the legislation has not yet been made available to the public, but pro-life Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska said late Wednesday that it has language designed to prevent abortion funding.

Whether or not that language will be verified by pro-life organizations as actually banning abortion funding under the public option or through the affordability credits is another story.

The Senate bill also contains no mechanisms that are likely to reduce the annual rate of health care cost inflation.

** You can read the entire bill. It is posted here.

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