Rad Vlad Putin Makes Appearance at Russian Rap Awards Show (Video)

Rappers chant: “Respect, Vladimir Vladimirovich”

Rad Vlad “Master P” Putin won respect at the Russian Rap Video Awards Show this week.
The former Russian President hung out in the audience at the Russian rap awards show:

From Reuters:

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin shows mild amusement as he appears on a music TV channel show alongside local rappers.

Putin, wearing a not-so hip-hop turtleneck sweater and jacket, went on stage to present awards to participants in “Battle for Respect”, a hip-hop music contest run by Muz TV, a Russian rival to MTV.

Putin’s carefully orchestrated image also includes bare-chested photos on fishing trips in Siberia, appearances with rare animals such as Siberian tigers, leopards and beluga whales and encounters with tough-guy groups like bikers.

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