President "Dither and Waffle" Looks For Escape Hatch From Afghanistan

“His plan comes up short. There’s not enough troops, not enough resources and not enough urgency. What President Bush and Senator McCain don’t understand is that the central front in the War on Terror is not in Iraq and never was. The central front is in Afghanistan and Pakistan where the terrorists who hit us on 9-11 are still plotting attacks seven years later.”

Barack Obama
Campaign Speech
September 9, 2008

Obama also said “we can’t wait” on sending more troops.

But that was last year during the campaign.
It meant nothing.
Now, Obama is already talking about getting out and getting out quick.
The Politico reported:


President Barack Obama’s strategy for Afghanistan will include a plan for “how we’re going to get folks out” after a secure environment can be passed to the Afghan government, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters aboard Air Force One on Thursday.

“We have been there for eight years. And we’re not going to be there forever,” Gibbs said. “It’s important to fully examine not just how we’re going to get folks in but how we’re going to get folks out.”

Gibbs spoke en route to Alaska, where the president stopped at an Air Force base in Anchorage before traveling on to Tokyo for his maiden trip to Asia, which will take him to Japan, Singapore, China and South Korea.

The president “has asked for, and will want, benchmarks to evaluate our progress,” Gibbs said. “That’s part of his desire to get a sense of where we are rather than committing to an open-ended conflict.”

As President Obama continues to  dither and waffle October became the deadliest month for the US in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001.
obama afghan
The average monthly US deaths in Afghanistan have nearly quadrupled since Barack Obama took over in January.

No wonder troop morale is down in Afghanistan.

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