Team Obama Opens New Organizing for America St. Louis Office… Tea Party Breaks Out

Tea Party Patriots Welcome Team Obama to St. Louis–

Team Obama opened their newest St. Louis Office tonight…
…A tea party broke out.

Team Obama held a grand opening a new Organizing for America office in south St. Louis City today. They must have received enough donations during the campaign last year that they still have money left to open new office locations.


The St. Louis Tea Party Patriots joined them at their grand opening celebrations. There were as many protesters outside as paid and unpaid activists inside the offices tonight.


bearded woman
The bearded lady greeted people at the front door for Team Obama. That always makes you feel welcome. It was a nice touch.

obama buzz words
Team Obama posted their list of “buzz words” to hoodwink Americans into thinking that socialized health care was good medicine.

A few of the local Tea Party Patriots checked out the new Obama shop from inside the South St. Louis office . Left to right, that’s Bill Hennessey, Adam Sharp, Michelle Moore, Obama and me.

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