Obama Says He Will Take SEVERAL MORE WEEKS to Make Decision on Afghanistan (Video)

It’s been more than 90 days since his top general requested reinforcements…
But Barack Obama said he would announce his decision on Afghanistan over the next several weeks.
He also took another swipe at Bush.


“I will announce my decision over the next several weeks. I’m confident that at the end of this process I will be able to present to the American people in very clear terms what exactly is at stake, what we intend to do, how we are going to succeed, how much it’s going to cost, how long it is going to take. I think that is what is owed the American people because frankly over the last several years that is not what they’ve got.

In reality President Bush was very clear about his goals in Iraq.
He even explained the troop surge in a televised speech to the American public.

President Obama also said he was furious over the leaks that he was dithering and waffling on making his decision.
It’s not like it was a big secret.

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