New British Play Features Jesus as Transsexual Woman

As Cassy Fiano says, “For some people, there is no low they won’t sink to in order to defame Christianity.”
transsexual play
In the latest outrage Jesus is featured as a transsexual female.
The Times Online reported:

A controversial play which portrays Jesus as a transsexual woman was defended yesterday by its writer who has herself crossed the gender barrier to live as a woman.

Jesus, Queen of Heaven, has caused a storm of protest from Christian evangelical groups, who picketed the Tron Theatre in Glasgow when it opened this week.

However, their attacks have caused deep offence to the play’s author, who also acts the leading role. For Jo Clifford — formerly the playwright John Clifford — wrote the piece in an attempt to create greater understanding of transgendered people like herself.

The play’s opening night was attended by about 300 demonstrators. Roman Catholics joined evangelical Christians for a two-hour protest during which they waved placards and sang hymns.

Yesterday Ms Clifford, 59, from Edinburgh, expressed deep disappointment in the reaction.

“Most of it is happening because of a complete misunderstanding of what I am and what I am trying to do … They thought awful, sacrilegious things were going to happen on stage,” she said. Her critics, she added, ought to reread the Gospel. “Jesus said: ‘judge not’.”

At least the playwright won’t have to worry about the theater being blown up.

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