Minnesota's Green Energy Plan Means 20% Rate Hike

A new “greener” energy program in Minnesota means residents will see an almost 20% rate increase on their electricity bill.
The Duluth News Tribune reported:

Minnesota Power is seeking an almost 20 percent increase in rates for its residential customers to cover investments made in cleaner, greener energy.

For the average residential customer, that amounts to $13 per month.

“We know this is unwelcome news at an unwelcome time,” said Pat Mullen, the company’s vice president of marketing and public affairs. “These are improvements that need to be made. It is creating an environment that we all value.”

News of the sought rate hike caused some shoppers at Miller Hill Mall on Monday to lament they’ve been hit by one increase and fee after another in a bad economy, from real estate taxes to new fees for street lighting and sewers.

“The average citizen in Duluth is not going to be able to afford an increase like that,” said Sue Siverson of Duluth. “To me it’s bad news. People can absorb a 2 or 3 percent increase, but 20 percent is substantial.”

In related news… Al Gore is poised to become the world’s first “carbon billionaire,” profiteering from government green energy policies he supports.

For the record… The US has the largest energy reserves on the planet but democratic policies prevent the country from developing these resources.

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