Iraq Celebrates First Class of Elite Female Police Officers

iraq women
Iraqi women marched in Baghdad on Monday as they became the first female graduates of Iraq’s police officer academy. (Joao Silva for The New York Times)

The first female class of Iraq’s police officer training academy graduated this past week.
The New York Times reported:

As one, the stony faces broke into a free-for-all of kisses, hugs and tears on Monday as the 50 women who called themselves the Lioness group became the first female graduates of Iraq’s police officer training academy.

On a vast concrete parade ground, the women joined 1,050 male classmates in what American military officers, who provided advice on the training, called a step forward for the country and its women.

“Some people have a view of Iraqi women that for them to join the police academy is a shame,” said Alla Nozad Falih, 22, wearing a star on her epaulet that marked her as a first lieutenant. Like about half of the group’s members, she wore her hair uncovered except by a uniform blue beret, and like 26 of her female classmates, she joined the academy after finishing law school.

The job of officer in the national police force is among the highest paying available in Iraq, but also one of the most dangerous; officers and trainees are favorite targets of insurgents.

In 2007 Barack Obama said that possibility of genocide was not a good enough reason to keep US forces in Iraq.

Today violence is down and the former terror regime is a infant democracy thanks to George W. Bush, Republicans and the US military.

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