Honduran Voters Defy Leftist Thug Zelaya – Record Turnout Reported in Today's Elections …Update: Conservative Lobo Wins

Today’s elections in Honduras was a huge victory for democracy and a huge embarrassment for the former leftist President Manuel Zelaya and the Obama White House.
Despite calls from Zelaya urging supporters to boycott and protest the vote, the freedom-loving Hondurans turned out in record numbers.
honduras election
There were long lines in Honduras today. (El Heraldo)

A turnout of more than 60% was expected but unofficial reports claim the turnout was above 70%.
Barack Obama is a big supporter of the leftist Chavez-wannabe Manuel Zelaya.

HotAir has more on the New York Times’ pathetic reporting on today’s elections.


The conservative candidate is expected to win today’s election.
The Wall Street Journal reported:

Neither of the two men claiming to be president during the past five months – Mr. Zelaya and interim President Roberto Micheletti – were on the ballot. Instead, Hondurans picked between Mr. Lobo of the conservative National Party and Elvin Santos of the Liberal Party – to which both Mr. Zelaya and Mr. Micheletti belong.

Voters were expected to punish the Liberal Party for the crisis and hand power to Mr. Lobo, who was narrowly beat by Mr. Zelaya four years ago.

“It’s going to be Pepe this time,” said Higenio Garcia Ponce, 74, an agricultural laborer who said he had just voted for Mr. Lobo. “There was a rupture in the Liberal Party over what happened with Zelaya.”

More… Leftist Zelaya supporters started clashes with police in northern Honduras. Two people were injured.

Still More… Mary Anastasia O’Grady at The Wall Street Journal says that with today’s elections, Honduras defeated Chavez.

UPDATE: Conservative candidate Porfirio Lobo wins the election. The turnout was above 60%.
It was a great day for Honduran democracy.

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