Oba-Disaster… Unemployment Rate Spikes to 10.2%!

UPDATE: Here is the latest unemployment graph that shows what Barack Obama promised the American people if his Stimulus Package was passed and the actual results of his disastrous economic policies:
obama unemployment3

Thanks Barack. Unemployment spiked to 10.2% in October.
obama unemployment2
AFP reported:

The US unemployment rate shot up to 10.2 percent in October as another 190,000 jobs were shed, the government said Friday in a report showing narrowing job losses.

Barack Obama and the democratic Congress have nearly doubled the US umemployment rate in less than one year. Do you suppose the state-run media would have mentioned this if Bush were in office?
obama unemployment
Obama also managed to triple the deficit this year too.
How’s that for hope and change?

Rep. Mike Pence and the House Republican Conference released a statement on this news:

“The American people want to know why Congress is forcing through the Pelosi plan for a government takeover of health care instead of a plan that will help create jobs.”

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