Here It Is… Team Obama Unveils Comprehensive Immigration Strategy

After they ruin the economy Democrats have a plan to keep their power…
And they outlined it today.
Democrats will give citizenship to the 10-30 million illegal aliens residing within the US borders.
The Examiner reported:

Though it would seem unlikely that our President would introduce a controversial immigration reform strategy on the cusp of a healthcare decision in the Senate, he did indeed do that today.

DHS Secretary Napolitano introduced a broad outline for reform during a speech to the Center for America Progress this morning. In it she cited the many advances DHS has made in securing the US Border with Mexico. One of the centerpieces of this effort is the screening of 100% of southbound rail shipments for weapons and cash. While that sounds like a good thing for Mexico the logical question is this: What percent of northbound rail shipments are “screened” and what does “screening mean? Not to sound cynical but this Administration does not have a good record when it comes to spin and telling the absolute truth. The President demonstrated that clearly last week with Healthcare Reform.

The plan calls for a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal aliens already in the US. On this the administration also seems a bit out of touch. That the vast majority of Mexican illegal invaders according to a recent Zogby Poll have no interest in becoming American Citizens and regardless would hold primary allegiance to Mexico is apparently lost on the President and Secretary Napolitano.

No wonder Pelosi and the democrats don’t seem worried that their radical anti-capitalist agenda will sway voters in the 2010 election.

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