Happy Holidays!… Pelosi Promises to Give America Nationalized Health Care For Christmas (Video)

Dems Promise Christmas Spoiler–
Top Socialist Nancy Pelosi promised to gift America with her $2.6 Trillion nationalized health care plan for Christmas this year.

Via HotAir

Remember: This is not about health care policy… its about ideology.
Rep. Paul Ryan explained:

Will this bill raise the debt and budget deficit? Yes
Will this bill take coverage away from seniors? Yes
Will this bill raise premiums for families? Yes
Will this bill decrease health care innovation? Yes
Will it raise taxes on small businesses? Yes
Will it raise taxes on workers? Yes
Will it cost us nearly 5.5 million jobs when our unemployment rate (under Obama) is 10.2%? Yes
Does this bill mean our government will take over running our health care system? Yes

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