SEIU & Socialist Org Holds Rowdy "Prayer Vigil" Outside Joe Lieberman's Home (Video)

SEIU Is Organizing Prayer Vigels Now…
Far left organizations and SEIU thugs are now holding prayer vigils for big government and socialized health care outside of Senator Lieberman’s home.
leftist goons
The radical left is now threatening Joe Lieberman and his family at his home for his stand against nationalized health care.
The far left Stamford Advocate reported this on the protest:

Quietly holding candles, hundreds of clergymen, congregants and reform advocates lined the sidewalks outside Independent U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman’s Stamford home Sunday night in a show of support for universal health care.

“When we heard not only would he vote against it, but he’d use his power, his position as a swing vote … to block it from coming to a vote, we had to send a message so he knows people who vote overwhelmingly favor the public option,” said Rabbi Stephen Fuchs, of Congregation Beth Israel in West Hartford.

In September, Lieberman told The Advocate that while he supports health care reform, he would not vote for a health care bill that included a public, or government-funded, option.

The pro-Obama Connecticut SEIU branch helped organize the event outside Joe Lieberman’s home.
They weren’t just praying. They were chanting outside his home:

Last night they brought candles… Tomorrow?

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