Donaldson Joins Couric: Warns GOP of Limbaugh, Beck & Palin (Video)

Sam Donaldson on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday warns Republicans not to follow the lead of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck:

Let me tell you that the wake-up call for the Republicans was the New York’s 23rd. Now just as Rush Limbaugh couldn’t prevent the Party from nominating John McCain despite his best efforts, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the gang could not prevent that district for the first time in a hundred years from going Democratic. Because they had a candidate, well he wasn’t a Republican, I understand that, who was the Sarah Palin values, the robocalls and all of that. It didn’t resonate. It doesn’t resonate with independents. If the Republican Party follows the course of Palin and Beck and Company it’s doomed.

And we all know that state-run media lackey Sam Donaldson has the GOP’s best interest at heart.

Via NewsBusters

Just last week Katie Couric warned Republicans to stay away from Limbaugh and Palin.
Donaldson is lagging a bit behind with his party talking points.

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