Ditherer No More… President Moves Swiftly to Investigate Party Crashers

President Obama jumps into action– Orders full review of party crashers who made him look stupid.
Jules Crittenden has the scoop:

Decisive presidential action as O leaps into action, orders a full review of how the reality TV crashers managed to take over his party, make him look silly… We haven’t seen this kind of into-the-breach rapid response since Obama accused Sgt. Crowley of “acting stupidly.” No, make that since Obama called for the Beer Summit after he accused Sgt. Crowley of “acting stupidly.” No pussyfooting around, he wants action. It’s impressive. Very decisive. Very presidential-like.* No messing around with, “I’ll review it when I feel like it. After I review the review. No wait, I want a full review of the review of the review.” I’d call this a pretty positive development.

More here.

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