Dems Try to Justify $300 Million Bribe to Senator Landrieu… Fail (Video)

Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown and Jeanne Shaheen are tongue-tied when asked to justify the $300 million bribe democrats awarded Senator Mary Landrieu for her vote on Obamacare:

Via Breitbart
From the video: The Washington Post reported on a provision in the health reform bill that would give the state of Louisiana – whose Senator, Mary Landrieu, is indecisive on health reform – $300 million. “The promise of the Obama campaign is to change the way Washington works,” CNN’s John King asks Sen. Sherrod Brown. King argues that this process is “Washington as usual, is it not?” Brown and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen were tongue-tied as to how to answer the question at first.

Is it any wonder then that independents are still fleeing the socialist party in droves?

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