Democrats Begin Afghan Surrender– Pelosi Calls Karzai "Unworthy"

Having failed in their efforts to lose the War in Iraq democrats are not focusing on Afghanistan.

Speaker Pelosi lashed out at the brave Afghan leader, who has survived several assassination attempts, as an “unworthy partner” today. Karzai was inaugurated yesterday.
white flag
Having failed in Iraq, democrats hope to have better luck surrendering in Afghanistan.
Reuters reported:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is an “unworthy partner” who does not deserve a big boost either in U.S. troops or civilian aid, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

Pelosi, a skeptic on sending more troops to Afghanistan, also said in an interview with National Public Radio aired on Friday that there was not strong support among her fellow Democrats in Congress for “any big ramp-up of troops” to oppose resurgent Taliban forces.

She told NPR she had asked fellow Democrats to give President Barack Obama room to decide his Afghan strategy, which is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. Once Obama, also a Democrat, announces his decision, lawmakers would “not be shy” about responding, she said.

“The president of Afghanistan has proven to be an unworthy partner. We cannot fund a mission where we don’t have a reliable partner and where whatever civilian investments we want to make, which are so necessary, will be diverted for a corrupt purpose,” Pelosi told NPR News’ Morning Edition.

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