Bernie Goldberg On O'Reilly: Liberals Detest Palin Because They Detest Middle America (Video)

Bill O’Reilly and author Bernie Goldberg Expose The REAL Reason Why the Media Hates Sarah Palin.
Because she’s so ordinary like Middle America… And they detest Middle America:

Bernie Goldberg: “When she was still on the ticket a disease broke out in liberal America- Palin Derangement Syndrome. But I don’t think Bill that they detest her simply because she’s a conservative woman, a pro-Life, pro-gun conservative woman. I think there’s something else that’s working here. Here’s a woman that didn’t go to Harvard, Yale or Princeton. She bounced around at a bunch of colleges before she wound up at the University of Idaho which is practically a crime against humanity among liberal elites. She has 5 kids. Liberals don’t have 5 kids. One of them has Down Syndrome, liberals certainly don’t allow that to happen… They detested her Bill, they detested her because she was so ordinary. Because she was like a Middle America. And you know what? The liberals and the lamestream media, that’s who they really detest.”

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