Yes! Rush Limbaugh Threatens Legal Action Against State-Run Media's Racist Slander …Update: Source of Smears Discovered

Rush on a Ram-page–
Hero Rush Limbaugh threatened legal action today against those state-run media reporters who slandered him with bogus racist quotes:

Via Brietbart TV
The liberals are upset that Limbaugh, a conservative, is wanting to purchace the St. Louis Rams NFL football team. So mainstream media reporters are flooding the airwaves and newspapers with bogus stories about Rush’s so-called racist quotes.

Several state-run media outlets have slandered Rush with a fabricated quote about “slavery having its merits.”

UPDATE: Earlier today Smash Mouth Politics put a timeline on the “slavery has its merit” smear. Evidently, an anonymous commenter named “Cobra” spread this racist lie about Rush on the internet starting in 2005.


Now, Tim Graham at NewsBusters reported the source of another Limbaugh smear that Rush Limbaugh praised James Earl Ray, the convicted assassin of Martin Luther King:

When I did a Nexis search for Limbaugh and James Earl Ray, I couldn’t find a single use of this so-called quotation until this March. Consider the source: Jarvis Tyner, executive vice chair of the Communist Party USA.

Somewhere tonight there is one very nervous communist.

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