White House to Meet With Killer Military Regime in Burma

Bret Stevens asked the question in The Wall Street Journal yesterday,
“Does Obama believed in human rights?”
…After nine months on the job we have our answer.

In 2007 thousands of democracy activists in Burma (or Myanmar) rose up and protested against the brutal junta in control their country.

Thousands of Buddhist monks marched in the Hledan area of Rangoon back in September 2007. The monks led massive democracy protests against the violent junta. But the protests didn’t last long. The military regime cracked down on the activists killing and imprisoning several thousand men and women for demanding freedom. (BBC)

The regime slaughtered the democracy protesters. They gunned them down in the streets.

This is raw footage of the execution of Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai by the Burmese junta on September 27, 2007.
This coming week the Obama Administration will send a delegation to meet with the killer regime in Burma.
The Age reported:


The United States is preparing to send a rare mission to Burma but warns that its bid to engage the military junta after decades of hostility will be “slow and painful.”
Kurt Campbell, the assistant secretary of state for East Asia, said a team would head to Burma to follow up on talks last month in New York, which marked the highest-level US contact with the regime in nearly a decade.

But in testimony Wednesday before a House of Representatives committee, Campbell cautioned: “We expect engagement with Burma to be a long, slow, painful and step-by-step process.”

A Burma official on Thursday confirmed the “fact-finding” trip would take place next week. But the official gave no further details, saying the visit was still in the planning stages.

Campbell did not specify who would take part in the trip. Another senior US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Campbell hoped to go himself but it would depend on whether the junta gives him access to the opposition.

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