White House Blames FOX News For Their Safe Schools Czar's Slimy Past that Includes Hiding Pedophilia From the Authorities (Video)

Mmm… Mmm… Mmm…
White house Spokesman Robert Gibbs blamed FOX News for the latest White House scandal:

“Its a shame. I hope people watch what they (FOX News) do.”

Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings praised the founder of NAMBLA Harry Hay and hid statutory rape from authorities.
The White House says FOX News is to blame.

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings Hid Pedophilia
Audio: Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Admits Hiding Pedophilia From Officials
Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Expresses Regret for Not Reporting Statutory Rape
Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Praised NAMBLA Founder, Too

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