Warner on Obama: Bare-fisted Politician at Home- Pantywaist Abroad

Gerald Warner gets it.
Gerald Warner releases with another bruising and honest analysis of the Obama presidency today.
Via The Telegraph Blog:

As usual, Mark Steyn nails it in this Investor’s Business Daily editorial, as only Steyn can do. Steyn points out what should be obvious, but hasn’t been articulated or emphasized often enough, which is, Obama’s enemies are all American citizens (FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Oil Industry, Insurance Industry, Tea Party participants, doctors, drug companies, Wall Street, bankers, etc.). He has no problem with, and his door is always open to, the true foreign enemies of America and freedom, like Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Chavez, and Castro (also: they are publicly both fond of him and his policies). It’s sadly ironic that Obama’s enemies are all Americans and he’s more willing to love-up to brutal dictators than he is to sit down with Republicans to discuss health care.

Benjamin Disraeli’s most famous advice to aspiring politicians was: “Never complain and never explain.” For the greatest orator of our time, a man who makes Churchill, Lincoln and Henry V at Agincourt look like first-round rejects on “Orating With the Stars,” Barack Obama seems to have pretty much given up on the explaining side.

He tried it with health care with speech after speech after exclusive interview for months on end, and the more he explained the more unpopular the whole racket got. So he declared that the time for explaining is over, and it’s time to sign on or else.

Meanwhile, to take the other half of the Disraeli equation, Obama and his officials and their beleaguered band of surrogates never stop complaining. If you express concerns about government health care, they complain about all these “racists” and “domestic terrorists” obstructing his agenda.

If you wonder why the president can’t seem to find time in his hectic schedule of international awards acceptance speeches to make a decision about Afghanistan, they complain that it’s not his fault he “inherited” all these problems.

White House Whine

And, if you wonder why his “green jobs” czar is a communist 9/11 truther and his National Endowment for the Arts guy is leaning on grant recipients to produce Soviet-style propaganda extolling Obama policies, they complain about Fox News.

Gerald is obviously trying to land on Obama’s hit list.
It’s a good thing he’s not an American.

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