Spendulus- Take 2… Dems Meeting With Economists Who Pushed for Trillion-Dollar 'Stimulus' Today

Stimulus Take 2–
Democratic leaders are meeting today with the same economists who advised them to push their first disastrous $787 billion plan earlier this year.
The House Leader reported:

With families across the country asking “where are the jobs,” House Democrats are meeting this morning with the same economists who pushed for the trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ that isn’t working. Also on the agenda for Speaker Pelosi is figuring out how to spend and borrow away her party’s disastrous economic record through a “stealth stimulus.” While Democrats pursue the same shopworn ideas that are failing out-of-work families struggling to make ends meet, House Republicans have already proposed a “bipartisan jobs plan” to help small businesses, assembled a “kitchen cabinet” of economic experts, and convened a working group of lawmakers to review additional job creation proposals.

Their Keynesian economics may have failed the first time but that won’t stop them from trying it again.
What a disaster.

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