Ruckus at Western CPAC: Head of American Conservative Union Calls John Ziegler an A-hole & Threatens to Punch Him (Video)

Author, broadcaster and filmmaker (Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted) John Ziegler was kicked out of the Western Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday after his interview with American Conservative Union, David Keene.

After John Ziegler pressed Keane on his reporting on Sarah Palin and the FedEx controversy. According to HotAir the American Conservative Union attempted to get Federal Express to pay millions of dollars to engage the ACU on their behalf over a political fight with UPS on legislation under consideration on Capitol Hill. The Politico also reported on this controversy. David Keane did not want to talk about it yesterday with John Ziegler.

Keane called Ziegler an a-hole and threatened to hit him.

John Ziegler wrote all about the confrontation on his website.

In this first video John Ziegler sits down with David Keane for an interview.

This leads up to the second video where David Keane calls John Ziegler an a-hole and threatens to hit him.

The third video is just crazy. John Ziegler gets insulted and kicked out of the conference.

Keane, who was a big supporter of Arlen Spector, talks about supporting true conservatives and “not selling out” during his lunch speech… Then the organizers bash Ziegler from the stage and aggressively escort him out of the building even though he was one of the vendors at the event.
What an embarrassment.

John Ziegler is right. This is like something you’d expect from democrats. It’s time to weed the garden folks.

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