Republican Heroes Will Stall Senate Dem's Junk Science Vote

All seven Senate Republicans on the Environment and Public Works Committee will boycott the work session next week essentially stalling the democrat’s cap-&-tax junk science bill.
Reuters reported:

All seven Republicans on the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee plan to boycott next week’s work session on a climate-change bill, an aide said on Saturday, in a move aimed at thwarting Democratic efforts to advance the controversial legislation quickly.

“Republicans will be forced not to show up” at Tuesday’s work session, said Matt Dempsey, a spokesman for Republican senators on the environment panel.

Under committee rules, at least two Republicans are needed for Chairwoman Barbara Boxer to hold the work sessions that would give senators an opportunity to amend the controversial legislation and then vote to approve it in the panel, which is controlled by President Barack Obama’s fellow Democrats.

But Republicans are demanding more detailed economic analysis of the bill by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — a task that could take more than a month — before agreeing to participate in the work sessions that are called “mark ups.”

The seven Republicans have not indicated they ultimately would vote for the bill, which Boxer wants to move through her committee before December’s international climate-change summit in Copenhagen.

The democrat’s cap and trade policies will likely cost Americans $700 to $1,400 dollars per family per year. The Department of Energy estimated GDP losses would be between $444 billion and $1.308 trillion over the 21-year period. Cap and trade also could cost the US 4 million jobs.

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