Reporter Sean Penn Arrives in Cuba to Interview Icon Fidel Castro

Hollywood leftist Sean Penn arrived in Cuba today to interview his “revolutionary icon” Marxist dictator Fidel Castro for Vanity Fair magazine.

It’s doubtful if Penn will bring up Castro’s brutal human rights record during his interview.

More than forty-eight years after the above photo was taken, Castro and his gang of murderers continue to send to the firing squad those Cubans who oppose the Marxist Revolution. (Real Cuba)

AFP reported:


Oscar-winning actor and political activist Sean Penn flew to Cuba hoping to interview its revolutionary icon Fidel Castro, entertainment news website TMZ reported Sunday.

“Sean (Penn) is going to the land of Fidel as a journalist, writing a story for Vanity Fair (magazine) about how the (Barack) Obama administration has affected Cuba,” TMZ reported.

Penn was traveling with Diana Jenkins: “Actually … it’s her plane … she’s married to the head honcho at Barclays bank,” TMZ added, noting the pair set out from Las Vegas on Saturday.

“Barclays sources say Sean and Diana are going to meet (Fidel) Castro — presumably because that’s what Diana told them,” the website reported. Penn’s representative also told TMZ a meeting was possible.

Since taking office in January, US President Barack Obama has moved to ease a half-century of tension with Cuba, with small steps such as relaxing rules on visits and money transfers to the island.

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