Radical Leftist Mob Arrested at New Jersey Health Care Protest

A mob of radical leftist protesters were arrested in New Jersey this week.
Could you imagine the national headlines if these mobsters would have been conservative tea party protesters?
Kevin Hussey, of Oldbridge, one of several protesting at the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield headquarters in Newark. Several protesters blocked doorways resulting in arrests by Newark Police Department. (NJ.com)

Radiovice Online reported more on these law breakers.

Seven people were arrested today after they blocked entrances to the headquarters of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. They were protesting, among other things, the compensation paid to the president of the health insurance company and the failure of Congress to pass health insurance reform…

…That’s when police were called, and eight officers led by Sgt. Cesar Soares who suggested that, if they just moved away from the doors, the protesters could avoid arrest.

Soares missed the point — but, of course, he may have just been saying what he had to say. The organization sponsoring the protest, Central Jersey Health Care Now, already had the names of the seven who would be arrested before the protests began. The arrests were the point, and nothing Soares could have said would have deterred them.

Healthcare Now is a national group of radical leftists and democratic party members for socialized medicine.
Of course, this is just another leftist group that is at war with private industry.

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