Poll Finds Women Prefer Private Insurance Over Government Plan

A new poll by CNSNews reported that women prefer having their own private insurance plan over a government-sponsored plan by a 2-1 margin.

Nearly two-thirds of American women would rather have private health-care insurance than a government-run plan, according to a poll released Thursday by the Independent Women’s Forum.

The same proportion, two-thirds, also said Congress should not rush to pass a health-care bill.

By a margin of 64 percent to 27 percent, women agreed they “would rather have private health insurance than a government-run health insurance plan,” according to the poll.


The random- digit-dial telephone survey, which was conducted by pollster Kellyanne Conway, surveyed 800 women from across the country from Oct. 19-25.

“In this poll we treat women like grownups,” said Conway, a Republican and president of the polling company. “We don’t ask them just about babies and families, although we cover those issues. We ask them about real world economics, real tradeoffs and the real costs associated with our health-care system.”

The poll found that concern over the economy (39 percent) topped health care as women’s main concern.

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