Obama's SEIU Pals: "Chamber of Commerce Have Ruined the Economy" (Video)

Obama’s socialist SEIU pals lash out at the Chamber of Commerce–
In this video– Andy Stern tells SEIU socialists at a rally across from the Chamber of Commerce that the free enterprise group believes in:

“Old market-worshipping, privatizing, deregulating trickle down economy that took the greatest economy on the earth and sent it staggering forward… I say shame on them… We don’t approve and we have a friend in the White House who doesn’t improve as well.”

From a SEIU rally at the Chamber earlier this year:

Naked Emporer News, via FOX Nation
Andy Stern — SEIU President: “People at the Chamber of Commerce have ruined the country.”

Related… After the recent attacks by the Obama White House on the Chamber of Commerce, the organization that speaks out in support of American business, the president of the Chamber of Commerce stood by his defense of free enterprise today in The Wall Street Journal. It is a worthwhile read. The White House’s war on the Chamber has come just as the group is launching a new $100 million campaign promoting free enterprise. This, of course, threatens the plans of the Obama White House.

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