More Americans Believe We Will Find Alien Life In Outer Space Than Believe Pelosi's Health Care Bill Will Be Deficit Neutral

Strategist/communicator Frank Luntz released a study this week filled with advice for opponents of the Democrats’ nationalized health care legislation. The study concluded that more Americans believe we will discover life in outer space than believe the current healthcare plan will be deficit neutral.

Our research this month shows that:

Individuals believe this will add to – not reduce – their personal health care costs. We’re not alone. That NBC/WSJ poll is only the most recent to uncover this painful perception. The margin is HUGE: 47% think their costs will go up thanks to “Barack Obama’s healthcare plan,” while only 13% think their costs will go down. This is NOT a good sign for legislation that’s been sold as beneficial for the economy and promised to reduce health spending. Various public and private cost reports have clearly seeped into the national consciousness, despite Democrats’ frantic efforts to discredit them. The longer the debate goes, the more likely people are to see healthcare costs rising, not falling.

Claims of deficit-neutrality are roundly rejected and even ridiculed. No one believes that the government will enact a massive new entitlement without costing Americans more money. In fact – and quote this – by an incredible 61% to 14% margin, more people believe scientists will discover life in outer space than believe the current healthcare plan won’t add a penny to the deficit. The President has clearly diminished his credibility by claiming this won’t add “one dime” to the deficit.

• The intensity is with the opponents of the current legislation. Fully 25% of those surveyed said they would “actively work to defeat” members of Congress who vote for a government insurance plan, while only 8% said they would work to support them. • Overall opposition to the Congressional healthcare plan generally – and specifically to any kind of government-run insurance — is, predictably, more intense in the states of centrist Democrats.

Seniors are soundly against the current plans. They aren’t buying that $400 billion in cuts aren’t really cuts and they really don’t like the idea that Congress appears to be paying for health reform on their backs.

• This legislation may have been more tolerable to Americans months ago, before the various stimulus, bailouts, etc. – but now it is much too much. Americans are deeply concerned that Congressional Democrats are over-reaching and heaping too much on the table at the risk of bankrupting the country. The sense of fragility about the current “jobless recovery” is palpable – and you see it in the just-released consumer confidence numbers – but some people aren’t listening.

The bottom-line is that pushing through major economy-altering legislation in the absence of any bi-partisan support is a recipe for disaster – either now or later. The fact that for most Americans the result of the legislation is expected to be higher taxes, higher premiums, and/or reduced services is not likely to engender great good-will after the fact.

Rush Limbaugh took it a step further and said Pelosi is a liar, thief and should go to jail for her bogus claims about this government takeover of health care.

Byron York has more on this study by Luntz.


More… Dante adds:

There is a better chance that Obama will call Rev. Wright to come live with him in the White House than the HELLthcare bill not add to the deficit.

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