Liz Cheney Speaks Out On Obama's Dover Photo-Op

President Obama took the White House Press Pool with him today to Dover Air Force Base for a photo-op with slain troops as their plane arrived. Only one of the fifteen families allowed the president to use the occasion for his photo-op.

Liz Cheney discussed President Obama’s photo-op today at Dover Air Force Base with John Gibson.

Here’s the partial transcript:

There’s lying. There’s a pattern here… This White House needs to understand… every single day you ask them to serve without the resources they ask for without the reinforcements they need they are in more danger. I believe there is dithering going on and there is waffling…

(On the president’s photo-op at Dover) But I think that what President Bush used to do is do it without the cameras. And I don’t understand sort of showing up with the White House Press Pool with photographers and asking family members if you can take pictures. That’s really hard for me to get my head around. I think its an honorable and important thing for us to pay tribute. There’s no greater sacrifice people make to the nation. It was a surpsising way for the president to choose to do this. I’d like to add the most important way for the president to pay tribute to those who sacrifice is to back them up.

UPDATE: Kristinn has more on Cheney’s interview.

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