Lib Talker Defends Obama's Dismal Afghan Record By Claiming Cheney Eats Babies (Video)

Hey… If you don’t have a good argument just accuse the other side of eating babies.

Following in the footsteps of Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson who accused Cheney of having blood dripping from his teeth when he talks, liberal talk radio host Mike Malloy accused Dick Cheney of eating “Jewish and Muslim babies.”

How exactly is it that Former VP Dick Cheney is responsible for Obama’s failures in Afghanistan? Listen as Mike Malloy melts down in anger accusing Cheney of “eating babies”.
The Radio Equalizer reported this:

Via Jamie Allman


As President Obama continued to dither and waffle  October became the deadliest month for the US in the Afghan War.
…But Cheney eats babies.

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