Laura Ingraham Takes On ABC Obama Cheerleaders on Afghanistan (Video)

Never mind the fact that Dick Cheney was once again only responding to vicious attacks by the Obama White House when he spoke out this week.
Never mind the fact that the White House spread absolute lies about the Bush Administration’s Afghan policy after the previous administration graciously offered them classified advice on the situation.
Never mind the fact that not one Pentagon strategist will sign off on Joe Biden’s crazy Afghan plan.
And, never mind that the opposition leader in Afghanistan supports General McChrystal’s plan.
The state-run media cheerleaders don’t want to hear about it.

Laura Ingraham took on the ABC Obama cheerleaders today on “This Week.”

Related… Kristofer Harrison, who served as the Chief of Staff to the Counselor of the Secretary of State during the Bush administration, commented on the Obama administration’s Chicago-style politics at Power Line:

The Chicago mob’s behavior is unbelievably unseemly. Here they were given an immense amount of material, a complete strategic review and plan with the author’s heading left blank. President Bush felt it was his duty to do so. And all Obama can do is smear president Bush, even after he filled his own name into the author’s column.

Obama seems not to understand that it is not President Bush who is suffering here. Rather, it is our under-resourced soldiers in Afghanistan who are suffering. Obama has had his hands on this plan for a full year now, and he’s done virtually nothing except play politics. He needs to give our soldiers the resources to succeed, and then help create the political atmosphere so that they have time to succeed. It seems he has the intestinal fortitude to do neither. Weak, weak, weak.

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