Krauthammer: Obama's Continued & Disingenuous Attacks On Bush Beyond Disgraceful (Video)

Award-winning conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer ripped “child-like” president Obama for his continued, unseemly and disingenuous attacks on his predecessor.
This week Obama again attacked President Bush on Afghanistan. This is after the previous administration graciously offered him classified advice that Obama used to form his own Afghan strategy.

Krauthammer said it’s beyond disgraceful:

Via Conservative New Media

Krauthammer on Obama:


“There is something truly disgusting about the way he cannot refrain from attacking Bush when he’s being defensive about himself. It’s beyond disgraceful. Here he won an election a year ago. He became the Commander in Chief a few months later. He announced his own strategy, not the Bush strategy, six months ago and it wasn’t off-handed. It was a major address with the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State standing with him… What’s happening today is not because of the so-called drift in the Bush years, it’s because of the drift in his year.”

As President Obama dithers and waffles October became the deadliest month for the US in the Afghan War.

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