If You Like Waiting in Long Lines You'll Love Obamacare

Here is my latest column at American Issues Project:

If the US goes the way of Canada be prepared to wait.

Last week the Independence Institute held a ‘Real Canadian Health Care Field Trip’ in Vancouver, Canada. This field trip to Canada last week allowed American journalists to speak with ordinary Canadians who have lived under a rationed health care system. Canadian health care providers and experts also attended the conference and warned Americans about eliminating the free market options from our American health care system.

One of the biggest drawbacks to a rationed health care system is increased waiting times. Rick Baker of Timely Medical Alternatives Procedures founded a business to address this. His organization helps Canadians “Leave the queue” and take personal responsibility for their own private medical services. Some 875,000 Canadians are currently on the waiting list for referrals to specialists or for medical procedures.

You can read the rest on the health care waiting game here. There is also a list of my recent columns on this page.

Also, last week I was honored to talk to Nadeem Esmail, the Director of Health System Performance Studies at the Canadian Fraser Institute.
Nedeem, a Canadian health care expert, discussed the structural deficiencies of the Canadian health care system:

Nedeem spoke at the Independence Institute‘s health care conference in Vancouver, Canada on September 28, 2009.

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