Leftist Thug Manuel Zelaya Restored to Power in Honduras (Updated)

This is great news for his Marxist supporters Raul Castro, Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez and President Barack Obama.

Honduras’ President Manuel Zelaya poses with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro (L) and Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez (R) during the Central American integration meeting in Managua June 29, 2009. (REUTERS/Miraflores Palace)

Chavez-lackey Manuel Zelaya will be returned to power in Honduras.
The AFP reported:

Honduran negotiators reached agreement on Wednesday on a plan to restore President Manuel Zelaya to office and end a political crisis triggered by his ouster in a June coup.

“We have agreed in a document on point number six, which relates to the restitution of the powers of state to where they were before June 28, 2009,” Victor Meza, Zelaya’s representative, told a news conference.

Restoring the state to the situation before the coup would imply Zelaya’s return to office, something that had been opposed by Robert Micheletti, the head of the coup-backed interim government.

Micheletti and Zelaya must now ratify the agreement reached by their representatives in talks Tegucigalpa.

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** Just this morning the UN’s Department of Political Affairs concluded that the removal of Zelaya from office was legal and justified.

UPDATE: According to my Honduran contacts– the Honduran news has not reported the story yet. Both sides would have to ratify the agreement before the decision is final.

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