Figures. Top Radical Behind Obama's Flawed Honduran Strategy Weaned at Soros Think Tank

The Center for Security Progress published a recent report on Obama’s flawed Honduran Strategy. To no surprise, the top radical advising Obama, Dan Retrepo, was weaned at the Far Left Soros-funded Center for American Progress run by strategist John Podesta.

Dan Restrepo meeting with ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya.
Honduras Coup
Honduras’ ousted President Manuel Zelaya, center, speaks to Thomas Shannon, second from left, U.S Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Hugo Llorens, left, U.S ambassador to Honduras, Dan Restrepo, second right, the director for Western Hemisphere affairs at the White House and Craig Kelly, right, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs before a meeting at Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2009. (AP)

Who’s behind the Obama Honduras policy?

The Obama Administration has made serious mistakes in its handling of the crisis in Honduras where it supports the return of the deposed president, Mel Zelaya. The Administration categorized the removal of Zelaya as a coup when, in fact, the Honduran military has had no role in governing the country. The Honduran Congress and Supreme Court abided by their Constitution and rule of law and ousted Zelaya because he had violated the law. As a result, the crisis in Honduras today is almost unmanageable. So what does this behavior reveal about Mr. Obama’s respect for the separation of powers, as Mary Anastasia O’ Grady from the Wall Street Journal accurately points out, that he would instruct Secretary of State Clinton to punish an independent court because it did not issue the ruling he wanted? [1] Is this administration forcing a foreign nation to violate its own laws?

It astonishes legal experts and independent observers that President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton and their advisors have chosen to ignore a serious factual report filed at the Library of Congress by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) that states “Available sources indicate that the (Honduran) judicial and legislative branches applied constitutional and statutory law in the case against President Zelaya in a manner that was judged by the Honduran authorities from both branches of the government to be in accordance with the Honduran legal system,” [2] writes CRS senior foreign law specialist Norma C. Gutierrez in her report.

Why is this administration siding with Zelaya and his main supporter, Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez? Chavez is known to be hostile towards the U.S while working closely with Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is on the brink of obtaining a nuclear weapon and has established a bank in Venezuela with Chavez to avoid the sanctions already imposed against Iranian financial institutions responsible for transferring funds to Tehran’s nuclear program. Actually, the Obama Administration and the Chavez regime sponsored a UN resolution that condemned the government of Honduras for legally removing Chavez’s puppet “Mel” Zelaya.

What is even worse, the State Department has suspended $30 million in aid to Honduras for standing by their constitution and has stripped current President Roberto Micheletti and fourteen members of the Supreme Court who ruled against Zelaya of their U.S. visas…

The Obama Latin America Team is composed of: Thomas Shannon, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs; Frank Mora, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs and most importantly Dan Restrepo, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs at The National Security Council… Since assuming the presidency in January of 2009, the Obama White House mainly follows the expertise of Mr. Daniel Restrepo on issues pertaining to Latin America.

Dan Restrepo and The Center for American Progress

Prior to moving to the National Security Council, Dan Restrepo was the director of the Americas Project at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank, whose President and Chief Executive Officer is John Podesta, who served as chief of staff to then President Bill Clinton. This think tank has become so influential making personnel appointments in the Obama Administration that Time Magazine recently declared “there is no group in Washington with more influence at this moment in history.” [8]

One of CAP’s main contributors is billionaire speculator, George Soros. In fact, some independent groups that are more transparent, such as the Sunlight Foundation and the Campaign Legal Center, criticize the Center’s failure to disclose its contributors, particularly since it is so influential in appointments to the Obama administration.

Dan Restrepo, Honduras and Chavez

Restrepo’s complete lack of judgment with respect to issues in Latin America, especially with regards to Chavez, put the region, the US and its interests at risk. He actually thinks Chávez is only a nuisance and not a national security threat, despite the fact that Chávez said during a recent visit to Iran — his eighth since taking office — that he is discussing with Iran the creation of a “nuclear village” in Venezuela, which he claimed will be for “peaceful purposes.” And there are recent claims made by New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau that Iran may be using Venezuela for “building and storing” weapons of mass destruction. So what does Restrepo think about the Iran-Venezuela nuclear cooperation? He actually “hopes that all countries in the Americas respect international rules, and their international responsibilities regarding nuclear energy.” So, according to him, the U.S. should keep hoping and do nothing in the meantime.

There’s more at the Center for Security Progress.
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