Far Left Crank Krugman Casually Refers to "Teabaggers" in Latest Column

Far left media hacks continue to drop the offensive “teabagger” term to describe conservatives.
krugman teabaggers
Paul Krugman is the latest far left crank to refer to the “teabaggers” in his latest New York Times column:

So, how well will health reform work after it passes?

There’s a part of me that can’t believe I’m asking that question. After all, serious health reform has long seemed like an impossible dream. And it could yet go all wrong.

But the teabaggers have come and gone, as have the cries of “death panels” and the demonstrations by Medicare recipients demanding that the government stay out of health care. And reform is still on track. Right now it looks highly likely that Congress will, indeed, send a health care bill to the president’s desk.

Of course, Krugman knew exactly what he was saying.
Don’t look for a correction.

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