"Die Quickly" Thug Dem Creates "Names of the Dead" Website

Because if you oppose government sponsored rationed health care you’re an accomplice to murder…
die quickly

This offensive thug dem does not know when to stop.
Grayson creates “names of the dead” website.
The Hill reported:

Rep. Alan Grayson, whose “die quickly” remark gained him much attention, has created a new website based on his meme called “namesofthedead.com.”

On the site, visitors can log the names and stories of friends and relatives who died because they lacked health insurance. Users are prompted to enter their name, address, zip code and e-mail address, as well as their friend’s or relative’s name, hometown and story.

“I have created this project in their memory,” the site, funded by Grayson, says. “I hope that honoring them will help us end this senseless loss of American lives … Help us ensure that their legacy is a more just America, where every life that can be saved will be saved.”

More… Craig added:

Maybe we Canadians should start a Website listing all the people who died on waiting lists. And then compare both sites? Maybe that will make this idiot shut up once and for all.

UPDATE: HotAir has the latest video from the left’s new attack dog.

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