Dem's Health Care 3-Card Monte Will Cost Taxpayers $2 Trillion

Harry Reid let the cat out of the bag yesterday.
The Dem’s nationalized health care plan will cost taxpayers at least $2 trillion dollars.

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Covering millions more Americans and illegal immigrants with health insurance is not a money saver as democrats would suggest.
No matter how democrats shuffle the money around it’s going to cost taxpayers billions. The bill will cost American families $1,700 more each year.
And, 87% of the revenue in the original Baucus proposal to finance Obamacare would come from individuals with incomes of less than $200,000.

Rich Lowry explains the democrat’s magic math today at The New York Post:

If only the laws of the universe didn’t make it impossible to conjure something out of nothing. In a magical world free of such encumbrances, Democrats would be spared the bother of hiding the inevitable costs of ObamaCare.

The latest gambit of Democrats in both the Senate and House is to take roughly $250 billion out of health-care reform — for Medicare payments to doctors — and spend it in a separate bill. This instantly makes ObamaCare appear cheaper, although its impact on the federal budget will be precisely the same.

This isn’t even competent three-card monte. It’s the logic of the spendthrift who’s maxed out on his Visa and MasterCard, but thinks it’s frugal to put a new $6,000 Samsung 65-inch LCD flat-screen TV on his American Express card instead.

Every year, Medicare payments to physicians are supposed to fall. Congress always temporarily defers the cut. The House version of ObamaCare deferred it for 10 years, a reason it had so much red ink. The Baucus bill deferred it for only the first year (at a cost of $10.7 billion), then pretended Congress would subsequently cut doctor payments a drastic 25 percent. Without this otherworldly assumption, the bill would increase the deficit by roughly $150 billion over 10 years.

That violates the Obama pledge not to increase the deficit for health care by one dime by 1.5 trillion dimes. So Dems plan to spend the dimes elsewhere. Problem solved. In this Orwellian spirit, The Associated Press reports that the separate measure will free up $10.7 billion in the Baucus bill, “money that could then be spent on other priorities.”

Why stop there? If all the subsidies and other costs are removed and passed separately from the Baucus bill, it becomes a $900 billion deficit-reduction measure, and ObamaCare can be advertised as the world’s most affordable entitlement.

The intractable truth is that getting millions of new people health insurance is not costless. New insurance regulations intended to benefit the sick and uninsured will increase premiums for everyone else.

More… The CBO announced today that the health care bill will now cost $905 billion. The democrats lowered the cost of their package by forcing states to cover more expenses than in their previous plans.

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