State-Run Media Hid Commie-Truther Van Jones Controversy From American Public (Video)

FOX News host Bret Baier highlighted on Monday’s Grapevine segment how the state-run media ignored the Van Jones controversy and hid it from the American public.

If you depend on the print version of the NY Times to bring you breaking news, you would not have read about the Van Jones controversy until 36 hours after his walk of shame from the White House.
The democrat-media complex shamefully omitted the story from their reports last week:

Here is the transcript of the segment, via NewsBusters:

The resignation of President Obama’s green jobs “czar,” Van Jones, might have come as a shock if you do not watch cable news. In fact, the “big three” evening newscasts and two of the nation’s most-prominent newspapers barely covered the story.

There was no mention of Jones by CBS, NBC, ABC, the Washington Post or the New York Times on Wednesday — the night Jones’ first issued an apology for past statements. The same was true on Thursday, although a Washington Post blog picked up the story. That night Jones again apologized for a slew of old remarks and the signing of that petition that alleged the Bush administration was behind the 9/11 attacks.

ABC and NBC failed to cover the story on Friday after that, although CBS finally did. There was no mention from the “big three” evening newscasts or the Times print edition Saturday. But the New York Times blog finally addressed the story as did the print edition of the Post.

On Sunday, the morning after Jones’ middle-of-the-night resignation — it was too late for the papers — but the three evening newscasts did file reports. The New York Times print edition finally ran its first mention of the story today (Monday) on the lower-half of the front page.

Byron York explains why the press ignored the Van Jones scandal today at the Washington Examiner.

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